Securus Safe Deposit Centres are able to offer all our customers exclusive and bespoke “all risk” safety box insurance policies. We have collaborated with a specialist market leading insurance firm for the Safe Deposit Box Industry. You can insure up to £500,000 per box for all valuables and cash online or over the telephone.

We are only a few centres up and down the county who provide an “all risk” insurance up to £500,000 per box without the need of underwriting. 

Each safe deposit box is insured individually in your own name, so any pay-out will be made directly to you and not via the safe deposit box centre. Securus Safe Deposit Centres feel this is an extremely important factor in the event of a claim, all the proceeds will go to you the Customer not to Securus.

The Insurance  covers Gold, Silver, other precious metals, Jewellery, Precious Stones, Securities, Bonds, Money, Numismatic Collections, Stamp Collections, cash and any other item of value or documents whatsoever.

The cover also gives you extra peace of mind by including Fidelity Cover (theft by facility owners or staff members).

For an additional premium, you can also cover your valuables outside of your safety box up to £100,000 (no article limit) i.e. jewellery worn or carried to an special occasion, wedding or social event.  

Banks offer no insurance for the contents of your box. Some private centres will offer free limited cover with the policy issued in the centre’s name. These policies will have terms and conditions not known to you, the box holder: they contain warranties, such as alarm warranties, meaning that if the centre does not set their alarm properly cover will cease and will be void.

To ensure your possessions are fully insured in our safe deposit boxes, please note the following: We strongly recommend that you keep a detailed inventory, take and keep photographs, keep up to date valuations of your valuables, keep recent receipts and make copies of documents stored in the safe deposit box. Keeping valuables in a Safe Deposit Box should not be seen as an alternative to insuring them.

Another important point when considering insurance is that you will never be under insured if you take out your own insurance. Some safe deposit centres offer for e.g. £5,000 free insurance for 1 year at the start of your rental, the box rental comes with a fixed amount of insurance cover that has been pre-arranged by the safety deposit centre. This sometimes takes the form of blanket cover based on the estimated number of boxes that could be broken into at the centre within a given time-frame. This method unfortunately leaves total loss disasters completely to chance, which in turn could leave you considerably under insured.  To read more and understand more about this please read the advice that the Safety Deposit Association gives on insurance by  clicking here.

Please contact Ellerton Knight on 0121 423 1000 for any questions or queries or to setup your policy over the phone please call 0121 423 5304.

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