Christmas is coming for burglars! Secure your home and valuables before these most popular days burglars and thieves strike.

Christmas is coming for burglars! Secure your home and valuables before these most popular days burglars and thieves strike.


Securus Safe Deposit Box Centres are urging householders and tenants to remain extremely vigilant with days in December coming up to Christmas, because it’s when burglars are most likely to launch heart breaking attacks to steal valuables from your home.

History shows December 5, 6, 11, 17 and 18 as the most popular days for thieves to strike, according to Direct Line home insurance.

Late afternoon and early evening hours of darkness are used by many criminals to launch an attack before people get home from work.

With many people at parties or visiting friends over the month of December, burglars can often continue raiding homes well into the night.

Families have been warned to keep homes secure – with doors and windows fully locked – when they are out of the home, even if it’s only for ten minutes. See Securus Safe Deposit Box burglary prevention tips

Jewellery, cash, bikes, phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and games consoles are top targets for criminals, found the insurer’s claims data.

Homes should avoid placing such items in public view, such as under the Christmas tree by the window.

After December 25, packaging for valuable should be carefully discarded and not left uncovered in the street, say experts.

With Christmas shopping now in full swing, households should not be complacent about home security. Burglary claims can peak during December, which reinforces the importance of taking steps to secure your home now.

It would be heart breaking to lose presents and valuables simply because the house was not properly secured, It’s also worth bearing in mind that as people head out to Christmas parties or to seek some winter sun and householders should take simple security measures to deter potential thieves.

Take action now and secure your most precious valuables and irreplaceable family heirlooms away from home in a highly secure vault with a safe deposit box. With Safe Deposit Boxes from only £69 per year, that’s £5.75 a month and 19 pence a day, it’s not worth the heart break of losing irreplaceable family heirlooms.

Prepare for Christmas now and arrange for your items to be stored in a highly secure better than bank security Safe Deposit Centre before it’s too  late.

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