Keep your home secure in warm weather

keep your home secure in warm weathr

Keep your home secure in warm weather to beat burglars


Police are warning people to be on their guard during the warm weather as open doors and windows can be in invitation to opportunist burglars.

Once inside, handbags, wallets and car keys are usually easy to find and the burglary can take seconds rather than minutes.

Residents can prevent themselves becoming victims of such crime by:

• Locking front and back doors when going out and not leaving any accessible windows open in unoccupied rooms, no matter what the temperature is or how long you intend to be out for

• Being a nosey neighbour. Tell the police if you see anyone acting suspiciously in or around premises in your local community area and if possible, take registration numbers of any unusual vehicles

• Always taking your keys out of your lock, as thieves may be able to reach in and open the door

• Putting valuables, including phone chargers (which implies a mobile phone is around), out of sight. It has been known for burglars to use hooks to pick up items through letterboxes, windows and cat/dog flaps

• Not leaving anything in reach of a cat/dog flap.

Thieves take advantage of this hot weather, as they know people leave their doors and windows unlocked/open more often than usual, It’s a perfect situation for thieves as it provides easy access in to homes and cars to steal belongings quickly without any problems.

Simple efforts, like making sure doors and windows are secure when going to bed or when you’re out, will put them off. If, for example, you’re in the back garden, lock the front door. Enjoying the hot weather can often mean that people forget this important advice.

For more information on how to improve your home security, contact the local Crime Reduction Officers or your Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101,

or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where information can be left anonymously if preferred.

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