Safety Deposit Box
safety deposit box
Each person named on the account will need to provide one proof of identity and one proof of address from the list below:

For proof of Identity one of the following must be provided:
• Current Signed Passport
• Current UK Photo Card Driving Licence (UK Photo Card Driving License may be used as proof of your address provided this is not also being used as proof of your identity)
• EEA National ID Card
• EEA National Driving Licence
• Non EEA Nationals must provide a passport with a valid visa

For proof of address
• Bank or Credit Card or Mortgage Statement (Dated within the last 3 months) (online printed statements are acceptable)
• Utility Bill – gas, electric, water, telephone, contractual mobile (Dated within the last three months)
• Council Tax Bill (Dated within the last six months)
• Current UK Photo Card Driving Licence (UK Photo Card Driving License may be used as proof of identity provided this is not also being used as proof of your address)

A maximum of 4 people can be named on the account and have access to the Safety Deposit Box. This will include the main account holder and three additional account holders. There will be a one-off £10 administration charge for each additional account holder. If you can not open the account together initially, additional account holders can be added at a later date with the main account holder.

There will be 2 keys provided per Safety Deposit Box, these are the only copies for your box and we do not keep any customer copies. These must not be duplicated as you will lose your key deposit.

You can pay by Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card.

Yes. We are registered under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. Registration No. 675037. We take our regulated status seriously by ensuring that we get to know our customers and their needs. We co-operate fully with the relevant authorities subject to appropriate court orders/warrants etc.

You are issued with two identical keys at the time of rental. If you have lost one or both keys, you should inform us immediately so that the account can be blocked. If you lose one key we can replace the lock with a subsequent charge of £100. If you lose both keys we will have to arrange for a locksmith to drill your lock out with a subsequent charge of £150.

Only you and any additional account holders can access your Safety Deposit Box.

You will be provided a camera free viewing room for absolute privacy to view the contents of your Safety Deposit Box.

  1. You are free to visit us at anytime during our opening hours. No appointment is necessary and last access into the vault is 15 minutes before closing.
  2. On arrival at our secure centre you will be greeted in the reception by one of our team who will identify you. You will be required to use your finger print on our bio-metric reader to gain access to the first section of our controlled access vault.
  3. With all of the above processes you will be guided through by one of our team who will also accompany you to the vault.
  4. Each safety deposit box requires 2 keys to access, one of these is your unique key the other is held by the member of the team accompanying you.
  5. Once our representative has assisted you in opening your safety deposit box, they will leave you, on your own, in the private viewing room next to the vault.
  6. The private viewing area is not covered by any of our CCTV cameras. Here you can discreetly and privately add, remove or examine the contents of your box.
  7. You will be allotted a 20 minute time slot within the viewing room and you may leave at anytime during that period once the box is returned to its location within the vault and locked by you, your key and staff members key.

No. Only you and any additional account holders will know the contents of your Safety Deposit Box. We strongly recommend you keep a detailed inventory, valuation of your items and pictures of your items for insurance purposes.

Anything that is illegal or constitutes the proceeds of crime i.e. money laundering; chemicals or drugs, or items which are noxious, poisonous, corrosive, inflammable, explosive or unstable; guns, knives, fire-arms or ammunition. Please see our Terms and Conditions for a full list of prohibited items.
Monday to Friday 9.30am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm
Bank Holidays Closed

Any valuables that you keep in your Safety Deposit Box should be properly insured for their full value. Keeping valuables in a Safe Deposit Box should not be seen as an alternative to insuring them. You can purchase additional insurance if you click on the insurance tab or arrange this through your home insurance.

If you are the sole account holder of the Safety Deposit Box, the person reporting the death should bring a copy of the death certificate to our offices. The certificate will be logged into our system and returned. No items can be removed until probate is granted.

If there are additional account holder names on the box, they may continue to have unrestricted access to your safety deposit box in the event of your death. The additional account holders may nominate themselves as the main account holder and will be responsible for the future payments of the box

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Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday 9.30am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm
Bank Holidays Closed