Securus Safe Deposit Centres in association with Wembley Crime Prevention

Securus safe deposit centres / wembley crime prevention

Securus Safe Deposit Centres having been making strides with working closely with the community to help prevent and reduce crime. We are proudly in association with Wembley Crime Prevention and will work together to help reduce the increase in gold theft.

Securus safe deposit centres / wembley crime prevention

Wembley Crime Prevention is a Registered Charity established for over 30 years, supporting initiatives and projects extensively working towards the reduction and prevention of crime within our community.

The Wembley Crime Prevention Team cover the WHOLE of BRENT and, further provide any necessary support and guidance required to their neighbouring Borough of Harrow and surrounding London Boroughs.

They have a dedicated team of officers whom consist of individuals from varied diverse and multicultural backgrounds consisting of ‘key’ representatives from the police service, local and central government, youth services, specialist ‘partnership’ agencies and our community.

Wembley Crime Prevention have experienced, trained and certified officers whom deal with a vast range of specialised fields… crime reduction, community safety, child safeguarding, anti-social behaviour, gang involvement, drug/substance misuse, domestic violence/abuse and similarly associated fields to crime.

One of the ‘key’ commitments their team work towards achieving within our community is safeguarding young people, through providing them with free recreational activities and initiatives that shall effectively provide suitable support and mentoring, working towards changing their overall perceptions on life, ensuring they shall feel and remain safe, off our streets and avoiding the potential risks and inflicting dangers consequently associated with involvement in gangs and such related crimes. Through their valuable efforts it shall noticeably make a difference and benefit the whole community, as well as investing in a brighter future for our younger generation.

Wembley Crime Prevention objectives are to work in ‘partnership’ alongside a cross section of our community, with people from all different backgrounds, regardless of ages, race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origins, gender, social class or disability.

For the future, Wembley Crime Prevention intends to expand and develop our existing initiatives and projects within our community and remains committed towards seeking out new opportunities in achieving better engagement throughout the London Boroughs be it residential, business, housing associations, places of religious worship, schools, colleges, universities, youth services, elderly, disabled, special needs or other.

Through achieving this and working together, we can make a difference towards the community of Brent, making it a safer and more pleasant place.

Please click here to see for yourself the valuable work they are doing.


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